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HATA KOSEN is the  top producer of ramune in Japan!!
  Maximum production volume per day65 thousand bottles are produced
  Exporting to  70 countries
The Story of HATA KOSEN and Ramune
Hata Ramune is no. 1 in world share
Over eras, ramune has been beloved and enjoyed. This culture was brought when Perry arrived at Japan, but did you know that it currently only remains in Japan?
Hata mineral springs produce about 1 bottles a day and deliver them to more than 65 countries around the world as Japan's "RAMUNE".
We have various flavors beyond basic ramune, including strawberry and melon. In addition, we also have an assortment of other products, like chanmery.
With the motto of "HAPPINESS JUST FOR YOU," Hata Kosen will continue to deliver delicious and fun drinks to customers.
HATA KOSEN's Challenge 

"From Ramune to RAMUNE"
Ramune was brought to Japan from Europe and the United States at the beginning of the Meiji era and around the time of civilization.
Nearly a century and a half later, Ramune has become a familiar beverage that is said to be a summer tradition.
Later, in Europe and the United States, the appearance of crowns and ciders made this unique drink plugged with marbles obsolete, but in Japan it has been nurtured by its climate and culture and has long been loved as a nostalgic taste.

I want to spread the beverages made by Japan to the world

"Ramune" that was once brought to Japan is called "RAMUNE"
It is now exported to the world.

Put your strength into pushing the ball, and pong!
It was a short while that the marbles fell and I was relieved.
I hurriedly brought my mouth closer to the bubbles that overflowed.

A glass bottle that I peeked at many times because I wanted marbles.Somewhere on Earth, someone may be looking at a marble that glows in a glass bottle as well.
I want to continue making drinks that are loved by people all over the world.
"From Ramune to RAMUNE" It is a challenge of HATA KOSEN CO., LTD.
Beyond our praise-worthy "Ramune" products, we have a colorful assortment of other products.
A nostalgic taste you had in the past. A taste that brings a smile to your face when you first try it. We will provide you with a fun time!
Hata Ramune Trivia
Notices from HATA KOSEN

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